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ELA Reading

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Resource Description
Instructions for Oral Presentation Accommodations /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/Instructions-for-Oral-Presentation-Accommodations_Spring2020.pdf

Instructions for test administrators and proctors who will provide oral/signed presentation of an assessment to eligible students who have the accommodation documented in an IEP or Section 504 Plan. The instructions may also be used to identify portions of tests for which assistance in heritage language may be provided to English Language Learners (ELLs).

ELA Writing

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Resource Description
2018 Grade 4 FSA ELA Writing Scoring Sampler /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/EFL841-GR04-WRIT-SC-508.pdf
2018 Grade 5 FSA ELA Writing Scoring Sampler /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/EFL841-GR05-WRIT-SC-508.pdf
2018 Grade 6 FSA ELA Writing Scoring Sampler /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/EFL841-GR06-WRIT-SC-508.pdf
2018 Grade 7 FSA ELA Writing Scoring Sampler /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/EFL841-GR07-WRIT-SC-508.pdf
2018 Grade 8 FSA ELA Writing Scoring Sampler /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/EFL841-GR08-WRIT-SC-508.pdf
2018 Grade 9 FSA ELA Writing Scoring Sampler /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/EFL841-GR09-WRIT-SC-508.pdf
2018 Grade 10 FSA ELA Writing Scoring Sampler /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/EFL841-GR10-WRIT-SC-508.pdf
The FSA ELA Writing Scoring Sampler can be used as a resource regarding the scoring of student responses on the writing component of the statewide ELA assessments. In each sampler, examples of student responses represent various combinations of the score points across the scoring domains. As a basis for developing a common understanding of the scoring criteria, an annotation follows the response to explain the prominent characteristics of the response described in the rubric. (The applicable rubric is also included in each sampler.) These responses are not intended to provide a full spectrum of examples for each score point in each domain. Moreover, they do not necessarily represent the highest or lowest example of each score point in each domain. These sets have been updated to include a sample of a response earning 0 for copied text. The passage (text) set and text-based writing prompt can be accessed via a hyperlink provided in each sampler. (Updated 1/25/18)
Writing Response Pages Template /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/FSA-Writing-Response-Pages-Template-1.pdf
For students in grades 4–6 who will be administered the paper-based FSA ELA Writing component and for students at other grades who are eligible for the paper-based accommodation, the response pages template will appear in this format and include the three lined pages allowed. Within the Test and Answer Book, the text sets that students will read and the prompt to which students will respond appear before the lined pages.
FSA ELA Writing Planning Template /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/ELA-Writing-Planning-Sheet_FW20.pdf
For the FSA ELA Writing Component, the sample planning document mirrors the format of the front page of the planning sheet that students will be provided for paper-based and online administrations. Although not included in the sample document, the back of the planning sheet will contain the Testing Rules Acknowledgment section, which students will be required to sign. Students are allowed to write on both the front and back pages, and the writing on the planning sheet will not be scored. The ELA Writing Planning Sheet may appear on the screen without lines; however, the lines will appear when the zoom is adjusted or when the planning sheet is printed.
Grades 4–5: Opinion Rubric /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/OpinionlRubric4-5_Final1.pdf
Grades 4–5: Informative/Explanatory Rubric /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/0015122-InformationalRubric4-5_Final1.pdf
Grades 6–10: Informative/Explanatory Rubric /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/0015123-InformationalRubric_6-10_Final.pdf
Grades 6-10: Argumentation Rubric /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/ArgumentationRubric_6-10_Final.pdf
The rubrics describe how points will be given within each domain. The English Language Arts Test Item Specifications provide information about overall task, stimulus attributes, and assessed standards, as well as directions, acceptable text types, and possible writing topics.

FSA Mathematics/EOCs

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Resource Description
This tutorial explains how to use the Equation Editor tool and lets students practice using the tool to enter answers that are numbers, expressions, or equations. Students can use the keyboard, the on-screen keypad, or a combination of both to enter responses.
Guide to Gridding and Bubbling Responses /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/Guide-to-Gridding-and-Bubbling-Responses_Spring-2020_Updated.pdf
This guide shows examples of correct and incorrect bubbles and responses for multiple-choice and gridded response items.
Use this link to access the calculator that is available in the Test Delivery System for FSA Algebra 1 and Geometry EOC and Grade 7 and Grade 8 FSA Mathematics computer-based tests.
FSA Mathematics Reference Sheets Packet /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/FSAMathematics_Reference_Sheet_Packet_2020-2021.pdf

The Calculator and Reference Sheet Policies for Florida Statewide Assessments document describes policies and materials specific to the Mathematics and Science assessments. (Updated 6/8/2020)
Copies of the reference sheets are provided in the FSA Mathematics Reference Sheets Packet. (Updated 9/25/2020)


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Resource Description
Periodic Table of the Elements /core/fileparse.php/3031/urlt/Periodic-Table-of-the-Elements_FW20.pdf
The Periodic Table of the Elements is available for all students taking the Biology 1 EOC Assessment.
Use this link to access the calculator that is available in the Test Delivery System for the Biology 1 EOC computer-based test.

Statewide Science

There are currently no resources available. Please check back.